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Some time in the early 1940's, someone first scribbled these famous words. We don't know how many millions of times this simple graffiti appeared during WWII or the Korean War but we do know that Kilroy Was Here is still finding it's way on to any vertical surface. These are the sightings from then and that continue now.

Movie Poster

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Kelly's Heros (1970)

"A group of U.S. soldiers sneaks across enemy lines to get their hands on a secret stash of Nazi treasure." One of the last scenes has — you know what . . . Kilroy! Click the image!"

Beetle Bailey strip

Kilroy Spotted on the very popular Beetle Bailey comic strip!

Beetle Bailey is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Mort Walker. Set in a fictional United States Army military post, it is among the oldest comic strips still being produced by the original creator.

— Wikipedia

Kilroy Spotted at Chuck E Cheese

This is a screenshot of an old
Chuck E. Cheese showtape.
Kilroy can be spotted at the top right
corner of the brick wall.
Click here to see full tape video)

I found the footage on YouTube. It's on a channel called "Pizzacam" and is titled "September '90". Basically, a showtape is a VHS tape with the current show and has programming on it for the robots. They were used up until the late '90s.

— Alex the Geek

Bill Lewis showing off his Kilroy
Click image for a larger view

Kilroy Spotted on the iconic
Pearl Harbor Troop Train

The iconic Pearl Harbor troop train will roll again this December 3 with KILROY! “As soon as passengers get on the train, we launch them back to 1941.” 1940s singers, re-enactors and actual World War II veterans who tell their stories on 4 vintage rail cars.

"You can hear songs by the Andrew Sisters. Buy coffee for a nickel. Grab a 1940s-era haircut at the on-board barbershop."

This only part of the story, Click the star to read about it in the
Orange Count Register

Kilroy Spotted on an LVT4 Alligator that arrived in Dunedin at the VFW

— Robert Pappas

The LVT arrived Friday and is in place for Memorial Day. It is a LVT-4 VS LVT-3, but it has come home to its Birth Place.

Click image for a larger view

35th ECB 87th crossing Moselle from

Click image for a larger view

Kilroy Spotted on a the banks of the Rhine . . . on the German side in March 1944!

You might imagine the trepidation with the assault from all concerned. A night or two before the actual crossing, as my Dad phrased it,"Some crazy SOB crossed the river and painted "Kilroy was here" on the cement wall on the German side of the river!" The men he served with took comfort in that fact.

This only part of a loving Tribute, Click the star

Kilroy (all the way from Scotland) at Gallery Night

Kevin, visiting Pensacola Downtown during Gallery Night all the way from Scotland, couldn't resist the Graffiti Wall. Guess who he chose — Kilroy, at least the text. A bystander (Greg) along with a 7-year old (Greta) recognized the text and instructed him on the accompanying image. Greta added her name to the masterpiece. Click the image to see it all.

Click image for a larger view
Photo of Kilroy Was Here on Graffiti Wall on
Gallery Night. Downtown Pensacola

Downtown Pensacola is not your father's downtown. It has a whole new look and is a refreshing, fun place to go. It has been described as "A refreshing blend of historic resolve and cosmopolitan progress defines Downtown Pensacola. Whether you live, work, or play in Pensacola, Downtown holds the key to memory-making experiences."

One of it's most fun activities is Gallery Night. "Stroll through the charming brick walkways of Downtown Pensacola to experience an eclectic array of music, art and cuisine. Explore galleries and businesses featuring the works of dozens of local artists. Soak up the sounds of local musicians and the aromas of local cuisine as the energy of the evening carries you from venue to venue. Gallery Night is a free event and many businesses provide light refreshments."

The Graffiti Wall "During every 2013 Gallery Night, Pensacola personal injury attorney Joe Zarzaur and his staff invite everyone to visit Romana Street in downtown Pensacola for a chance to create their very own graffiti art. Participants can just grab a paint can and spray their very own work of art on the north wall of the law firm."

(Photo enlarges when clicked)

ANOTHER Visit of Kilroy to a Certain Krankanhaus (Hospital) in Koblenz. Germany. Spent a darn whole week there and as had not a lot to occupy myself with, thought I would invite Our Little Friend to Stay for a while! He is now a Resident.

Kilroy spotted in Germany

From Iain Barrington-Wright

(Photo enlarges when clicked)

Kilroy has also become a Resident in "Gabby's Bar", Lahnstein,(Bar/Cafe right next to Volksbank.in the town Square.) Real nice place for him to stay, beer is always Cold and Fresh, people are always real friendly. Gabby herself adores him and say's "He is Staying there as long as he wants !" So He is getting around quite a bit.

(Photo enlarges when clicked)
See more on Peekie

Peekie the Rides Again

By Karla Sullivan

I have a wooden Kilroy pocket pin that I found in my grandmother's jewelry box from the 40s. It's African American. Ever seen one?

My grandmother collected all things regarding Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. She also adored Rosie the Riveter. And she worked on an assembly line for Boeing during WWII. My dad test piloted the B52. I think that Kilroy is just in our blood.

(Photo enlarges when clicked)

See more on Peekie

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Hi Pat,

Happy belated Veteren's Day!

My name is Dewey Schramm. I live in Quincy, MA about a rocks throw from the old naval shipyard. We've also got a small family run laser engraving company. A few days ago we had someone ask us for something with "Kilroy was here" on it. I knew the story, and went looking around on the internet for a version of the graphic to use. I came across your website and liked your version of it. I created the ornament for the person and off the went. I wanted to give you credit, so I posted a photo of what we did on facebook and linked to your website. If there is something in the wording that you don't like - let me know and I'm happy to modify it. With that said, I will also make it available on our website. I don't expect that it will sell many copies - but one never knows :) If it should sell any, I'd like to make a small donation for each one to a charity of your choice. Is there something you would like to point me at?

Thank you for your passion with preserving the Kilroy memory!
Dewey Schramm
AnythingLaser.com Or Facebook (617) 237-0034

Kilroy Spotted in Washing during partial government shutdown - 2013

"Not sure who but it was taken during the shutdown when Obama was trying to keep the boys from
seeing their WWII memorial."

If you know any of the vets please let me know!

Click Here


Submitted by Wendy Magner

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Click image for Zazzle

Kilroy Spotted on a greeting card

And they used our and our favorite Kilroy. See:
The Image


My friend at SendOutCards tells me that you can also get this card, including your own personal pictures and words, mailed for as little as 93 cents


Kilroy Spotted on the
Military Channel!

This clip is from The Military Channel's show Missions that Changed the War: The Enola Gay. See local listings

Submitted by Tom Kercher

Click the star to see the video clip

Click image for a larger view
Still photo of Kilroy Was Here during video clip

Hoppy's Wharf by Durnett - 1965 +-
An old picture of a long gone wharf on the beautiful Gulf Shore in Pensacola, FL. Grafitti by Bub Eilertsen
(Photo enlarges when clicked)

The Sublime to the Ridiculous

Two great new Sightings from across the world. One from a paradise and one from Hell.

Robert Pappas

Free Republic
Through Joseph Murphy

This is OBLs compound. I suspect Photoshop BUT it doesn't matter! It is the thought. Kilroy Was Here!

(Photo enlarges when clicked)

Kilroy on the Statue of Liberty!

There are rumors that "Kilroy Was Here" can be found at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Well, they are no longer rumors!

This photo was taken during the 1985 centennial restoration of the Statue by Kilroy Architectural Windows, a 66 year old business named after Kilroy Was Here by the founder, Charles Krobot Jr. He was a WWII veteran of the landings at Eniwetok and Okinawa who remembered his buddy, Kilroy.

Kilroy Windows was proudly awarded the installation of the Bronze replacement windows on Lady Liberty's brow as well as these other famous landmarks.

The Empire State Building
The Flatiron Building
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
The General Electric Tower

Click the star for more pictures and information

Click image for a larger view
Photo of Kilroy Was Here banner placed on Lady Liberty's brow during 1985 Restoration. Note the person holding the banner is Kilroy's founder — Charles Krobot Jr.

Matthew Kitchen (Matt the Kilroy)

Matt the Kilroy send whole album.

Matthew Kitchen (Matt the Kilroy), self describe as Kilroy's biggest fan, finds Kilroys everywhere. Nice going Matt! Thanks to M the K for some fun Sightings! Keep 'em up.
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Kilroy Was Here Marker

I just came upon it in Google Images.

Kathy Hogan

Editor's note: Kathy is a Kilroy Was Here stamp activist instrumental in furthering the cause.

The Marker is near Neillsville, Wisconsin, in Clark County. Marker can be reached from Ridge Road 0.4 miles west of Clark Avenue. The Marker is at The Highground. Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Marker is at or near this postal address: W7031 Ridge Road, Neillsville WI 54456, United States of America.
It was originally a memorial to Vietnam War veterans, The Highground now includes memorials to veterans of other wars.

(Photo enlarges when clicked)
READ Inscription!

See also:


The High Ground

A whole Association full of Kilroys and beautifully restored military vehicles.
Click the star

Kilroy in a funny book!

Yesterday I picked up a small book at the bookstore for the grand kids. While reviewing it at home, low and behold, guess who appeared? Yep, he's everywhere. Attached is the book cover and the page with Kilroy bigger than life peering over the wall. Thought you might use this on your website.

-- Charles Richardson
Author of Broken Arrow

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Kilroy in a funny cartoon feature!
American Dad

The episode is called Stan Time.

--- Keanu Chan

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