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Personal stories of the home front during the war years from the people who lived them. You can't begin to understand WWII and the Korean War without knowing what "those who wait" went through. These are their stories.

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Margaret Elmslie Whittington, 1942

Mama', I just met the man I will marry someday!

I found my love at Gitmo

I had just returned from one of my first dances at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and couldn't wait to tell my mother.

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MargaretHofman WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean
Margaret Hofman, 1943

London Child — 1940

"My war started when I was about three months old." This begins the war-time memories of a very small child in England during the "Blitz." Read this very personal story giving some insight into war-time England

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"London War Child - 1940 "

Marion Hess 1944 WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean
Marion Hess

Sending Coals to Newcastle

She was just 17 when her new husband, Fred W.Hess Jr., went off to war. His mail got to her late and all reference to his location was censored out. This amazing lady never lost her sense of humor or her dedication to her husband's military organization. She remains President of the 124th Infantry Regimental Association.

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"Sending Coals to Newcastle"

A Walk Up The Avenue

 Mary Beth Spoltze in 40s WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean
Mary Beth Spoltze

A young widow faces
the war years alone.

"We were not at all sure at the start of the war that we would prevail, it was a terrible feeling - one I hope never comes to our country again."

These haunting words start a "roller coaster" tale of the horror of seeing her new husband and her friends go off to war to the bitter sweet fun of USO dances."

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 Jean Faulk WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean
Jean Faulk

A Elementary school student remembers the war.

"We never felt we were sacrificing anything . . . the country was at war, and we were reared to love our country" are some of the heartfelt feelings expressed by Jean Faulk. Jean was in elementary school at the time of Pearl Harbor and describes some of the times as well as her feelings about the home front war.


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  Cross Plains  John Baum WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean

Inscription: "To these, our buddies, who died in order that American liberty might be forever preserved. This hall and these premises are reverently dedicated."

The honor Role (Names from collage)

Small Town America

This collage memorial of veterans killed during World War II is displayed in the public library of Cross Plains, Texas. Cross Plains has a population of approximately 1,000. The display formerly hung at the Cross Plains VFW Hall until there were no longer enough members to keep the doors open. These 28 sons who gave their lives for the cause of liberty are representative of the thousands of sons and daughters lost by similar communities across America.

Thanks to John Baum

Becky Bufkin WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean

 Jackson, MS


Becky Bufkin

A Southern Belle remembers the war years


Her Story

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