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During the war years, the country was peppered with installations, forts, and munitions factories. Most are gone now but often there are ruins left. Ruins of places that now exist only in the memories of the "Greatest Generation." Here are some.


Sgt Tillery, 1945 WWII Kilroy Was Here Korean
S/Sgt. William W. Tillery
Link Trainer Department

Marianna Army Air Field

Sleepy little Marianna, Florida was chosen in early 1942 as one of the many Army Air Force training bases. S/Sgt William Tillery (not related to the editor) tells you about this base then and now.

Jackson, MS Area


German Prisoner of War Camp

A personal Letter from a German General POW.

The good people in Clinton and Jackson, MS just couldn't give up their Southern hospitality long enough to run a prisoner of war camp! Read this wonderful story of a POW camp so good that the German prisoners come back for reunions!

Flora, MS

The Mississippi Ordnance Plant

 Beautiful and extensive ruins of the Ordnance Plant. Acres of munitions storage bunkers.

 Miami, Florida Area

Miami, FL

NAS Richmond Blimp Base

 Hidden in South Miami, almost forgotten and pushed aside by the Dade County Zoo is what's left of a WWII Treasure. The moldering remains of a once huge base.

  Ft. Lauderdale


 A very active base during WWII. Famous graduates are George Bush and Flight 19 (The Lost Patrol).

 Miami, Fl

Wings over Miami Air Museum

 At Tamiami Airport is a small but very interesting private museum displaying flyable WWII aircraft.

Mobile, AL

USS Alabama BB-60

 This magnificent battleship has been preserved and is floating in Mobile Bay. There is a large museum and many more displays.

 Carrabelle, FL

 Camp Gordon Johnson

 Would you believe that during WWII, the beautiful "Big Bend" of Florida from Tallahassee to Apalachee Bay was a huge Amphibious Warfare Training Base? Very little remains.

 Pensacola, FL


NAS Pensacola

Shore Batteries On Santa Rosa Island

With wonderful things to view from the Naval Air Museum (the best in the world) to 16th Century Spanish Forts, NAS Pensacola is the first choice for history buffs!

 Sebring, FL


Hendricks Field

Hundreds of B-17 crews got their training here. The same field that trained combat crews now supports "The 12 hours of Sebring," World class sports car racing.

Berlin, Germany

City pictures by a member of Eisenhower's Staff in 1945

 These remarkable pictures of war-torn Berlin have never before been published. They are large so please be patient. They will take a while to load.
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